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This is the applications page. I haven’t been able to put up all the info I wanted in here, but there are a couple of things to check out.

I am definitely not so arrogant as to think that I can come up with the best uses of our products.
So if you have an idea feel free to email it to me.

But for starters here is something I did the other day:

  • ZenPro Audio Clipalator If you want to listen to Avenson Audio gear, you can check out the ZenPro Clip-A-Lator
  • Jecklin Disk Stereo Recording I had heard about the Jecklin disk from a few different source, but I never had one to play around with, so after some digging in my scrap pile I came up with enough stuff to build a decent approximation. It didn’t cost me anything, since I already had this stuff, but even to ...

Studio Auditions: Jam Room Sessions

You can listen to the mics on various instruments and compare them to other microphones in the same situations.