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(DEAD)fx Baphomet Fuzz


A heavily modified, and finely tuned Fuzz Face/Fuzz Factory type circuit with modern silicon transistors and some extra additions to make this fuzz more unique.
as above/so below – additional footswitch (left) selects between two levels of boost into the input stage, giving a wide range from an Overdrive/Soft Fuzz type setting (low gain) to an all out assault of Fuzz (high gain) with noisy chaos at the top of the range. The sigil of Baphomet eyes illuminate with red LEDs to indicate the high gain channel.
Low – controls the amount of low frequencies let into the input of the fuzz stage, allowing for a beefier tone or if turned higher will drive the fuzz into harder compression giving you that zippery hyper compressed fuzz sound.
Mid – setup as a Mid boost or cut. Dial it back for a more classic scooped Mids “Big Muff sounding” tone stack, or Boost your Mids for an awesome modern garage rock Fuzz tone.
Shift – allows for even more EQ control with a tone shift, move from more bass to more treble and shift that Mid Boost frequency around to stand out in a dense mix or sea of loud guitars.
Shape – an input impedance control for the front of the circuit, shapes the waveform of the fuzz and allows for more friendly use with Wah pedals. (Replaced High knob on Photos)
Fuzz – increase the amount of Fuzz from overdrive or soft fuzz settings on the Earth side to crazy High Gain Fuzz with spitty noise chaos on the Hell side and everywhere in between.
Volume – output Volume control. Crush the front end of your amp with the extra volume boost on tap.
*internal trimpot – adjusts the gate of the fuzz, allowing for more open settings (more noise floor, CCW rotation) which allow for rolling back guitar volume knob for clean tones, or heavily gated settings (remove noise floor, CW rotation) for choppier gated tones and less noise in between your playing.

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Dimensions 11 x 8 x 4 in